Self-Attack - are we victim, villain or ally to our own bodies?


This afternoon I was talking to a surgeon who has been working for 30 + years operating on people.  I asked him the question of whether or not he has observed any changes or seen an obvious spike in the amount of people who are seeking medical support due to illness and disease? He stated that there has never been a better time to get sick, explaining that there are now medications that can treat ill conditions, like melanomas, where once this would have been a surgical procedure.


He also shared that he catches the train home each night and can’t help but notice people’s bodies. He gave the example of a person who is 40kg overweight. He said it is sad because he recognises that that person has an increased chance of getting diabetes and may live 10 years less because of their unhealthy choices.


We spoke about lifestyle-related diseases and he said, "yes, we are victims of our own indulgences. We don’t always make good choices for ourselves; we are getting sick when we don’t always have to be."


I could not help but absolutely appreciate the dedication this man has for people. That he does not give up on catching the train and walking into a very busy hospital to support people everyday, despite the fact that some of those who are receiving treatment could have possibly prevented the situation had more supportive lifestyle choices been made.


I walked away questioning: What is it going to take to be the allies and not the attackers of our own bodies and start truly supporting ourselves as we all deserve?



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