What's in a lunchbox?


As I was travelling back from the market this afternoon, there was a segment on the radio…the topic was The Secret of Healthy Food as part of The Big Ideas program on the ABC.  Just as I tuned in, one of the panel members said, "We all know what we should be eating – but we choose not to. We look for excuses not to. This celebrity said it is OK to eat this... OK I'll go and do it then." 


How true is that?


This statement alone was a bit of a cracker…how often do we eat things because other people are eating it, despite the fact it may not be the best choice for us? Or we go for that extra serve because others are and we don’t want to miss out? FOMO! (Fear Of Missing Out for any non-youths out there!)


It was an interesting conversation as the panel and audience continued to discuss the fact we live in a world where we are time poor… and quick meal options are often our go to. As teachers, we frequently see this reflected in our students’ lunch boxes day-to-day, where ‘processed and packaged’ is often more common than ‘healthy and hearty’.


With the Easter weekend upon us - and the school holidays - it’s an amazing opportunity to take a little more time to really look after ourselves, to involve the kids in meal preparations, and to enjoy connecting with one another.  





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