Easter Island

April 1, 2018


I remember celebrating Easter as a kid. There was a time when my birthday actually fell on Easter day. I invited all my friends ten-pin bowling. I remember thinking it was the worst because I got so many Easter eggs for presents. Let’s be honest - what kid only wants chocolate for their birthday? They want the present ANNND the egg! There is only so much chocolate even a kid can eat! Plus I was always a savoury over sweets kid.


Fast-forward a couple of decades and I no longer eat chocolate. Whaaat? You don’t eat chocolate… how do you survive? I know… I don’t eat chocolate, or hot cross buns. Again… I know! The delicious smell of toasted hot cross buns has filled my workplace all week.


I used to go for the flavour over the feeling… And that's the feeling of ‘urghh…why did I do that to myself…again?'


But in all seriousness…. We know Easter is an important festival in the Christian calendar and, regardless of our personal relationship with religion, what many would agree upon is that Easter is a holiday break to which many of us say ‘bring it on!' This was evident when I went for a swim this morning...an aquatic centre that is always alive with activity and filled with kids & families was this morning was near empty. Everyone obviously opting to take advantage of the long weekend and get away.


It is interesting how the life of Jesus thousands of years on has become - for many - about holidays, food and chocolate. Have we perhaps re-interpreted such a time in history to suit our own new age comforts? Opting to take a trip to ‘Easter Island'… A little reward from the busyness and tensions of life perhaps? 


When we eat those perfectly moulded chocolate bunnies and eggs, wrapped in all sorts of bright, shiny foils… are we going for the flavour or the feeling? And that includes the 'before eating the egg' and 'after eating the egg' feelings.


It’s unlikely Jesus ate spiced buns and chocolate eggs by the dozen…so how have we gotten to the point of spending an estimated 3 billion dollars* in Australia on Easter alone?


I was a kid raised on the sweet, the salty and everything in-between. Chocolate was always in the kitchen cupboard. Now that I have finally listened to my body after hundreds of nauseous and bloated bellies telling me 'nooo…don’t do it again...and again… and again!' (not to mention the racy feelings from the sugar) ... I am wondering whether, as role models for our children and young people, are we raising them to savour the flavour of the chocolaty egg, or are we supporting them to make healthy choices that enable them to always feel like the fresh faced, vital, healthy spring chickens they naturally are? :)


Taking a break over this period to rest, rejuvenate, celebrate and connect with ourselves and one another is definitely needed. But are we truly taking a rejuvenating break? Or are we checking out on 'Easter Island'? When it comes to making choices around our diet and that of our children, are we focussed on following traditions, our beliefs, what everyone else is doing and how good it tastes? Or are we making choices that support us and our bodies to feel our very best?


* https://www.smartcompany.com.au/finance/economy/easter-spending-set-to-tip-3-billion-where-the-money-is-going/ 


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