Self Care & Empowerment Presentation

What is self-care? Is it a hot bath, a fluffy dressing gown, a green salad or a long walk?


What if we are at school, on the bus or at a friend's house? How do we bring self-care into our everyday living…wherever we are?


This 50 - 60 minute presentation takes self-care out of the day spas and into the school in a very practical way. This presentation will cover:

  • Listening to our body or our head… Is there a difference?

  • Practical Self Care tools

  • Tools for connection

  • Empowerment: understanding how our choices affect our thinking

  • Heart Power – learning how to deal with how we feel and be confident to express ourselves


Time commitment: 1 X 50 - 60 minute session

Audience: Grade 5 - Year 10 students

Number of students: Up to 150

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