My Body, My World, My Way

MY Body, My World, My Way is a foundational three-part program that can be adapted for students in Years 3 - 10. Although interconnected, each workshop stands alone and encourages self-connection, empowerment and leadership...through understanding our bodies, the world we live in, and the way we move and express ourselves day-to-day. 


My Body deconstructs myths, misconceptions and stereotypes, and provides an opportunity for young people to bring more awareness, understanding and appreciation to their bodies as they develop. My Body can be run for boys and girls separately, or together, depending on need.

My World supports young people to read the everyday media messages that, when left unchecked, influence and shape our sense of identity. It covers the bombardment of our young people through social media, gaming and media in general, and the choices they can make within this.

My Way is designed to support young people to develop a positive identity and strong sense of self-worth that will assist them in navigating through the aforementioned bombardment. We offer practical self-care tools and explore the choices we can make around food, sleep, exercise, expression and communication.   

Each section of the My Body, My World, My Way program can be delivered independently, however we recommend schools commit to the full 3 days over the course of the term/year.

Time commitment: 3 x full-day workshops 

Audience: Grade 3 - Year 10 students

Number of students: Up to 60

*All our programs explicitly link with the Australian Curriculum. 

We are currently taking bookings for Terms 3&4. To make a booking or for more information, please use our contact form or email us at